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The company was established in 1836 and is currently run by the third generation. Over time, it has evolved into wooden flooring production. In the beginning our operating range was limited only to the Polish market but since 1990, with the changes in the political system, we have been successfully exporting our goods to western markets. We are a family business employing 140 people. The machinery of Weining and Schroeder companies guarantees us the highest quality of products. The wood needed to the wooden flooring production is gained from polish sawmills holding FSC® certification. We process mainly deciduous wood: oak, beech, ash, maple and to the wooden causeway production we also saw coniferous wood: pine, spruce, larch. After seasoning, the wood is dried in computer-controlled drying rooms. Each month we process about 1000m3 wood.

We Offer

Parkiety G. J. Company produces floors from different kinds of wood finished with natural materials. We offer a full range of solid and industrial flooring, floorboards of European wood, mosaics, wooden causeway and hirnholz.

Guarantee Quality

We guarantee the highest quality of our products thanks to the continuous control of production and high demands for timber suppliers.

Our Adventages

Our floors combine three important advantages: high quality, good price, 100% availability.

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We are proud of the high quality of our goods. Our products meet CE requirements and DIN standards. Our advantages are the qualified staff, flexible reaction to our customer’s needs, promptness and constant high quality.

Engineered Planks

We produce the 2-layer
floorboards of wood from sawmills holding FSC certification

Engineered Parquet

2-Layer parquet of European wood from sawmills holding FSC certification.

Solid parquet, Industrial parquet

Solid parquet (massive) of European wood from sawmills holding FSC certification.

Mosaic Parquet

Parquet mosaic glued on a net with patterns: square, brick, parallel, herringbone. We offer special patterns on customer’s request.

Industrial Parquet

Industrial parquet of European wood from sawmills holding FSC certification.

Engineered Industrial Parquet

2-layer engineered industrial parquet of European wood from sawmills holding FSC certification.

Engineered End Grain

Floor for gourmets, highly resistant to damage. The biggest advantage of wooden causeway is the possibility of making it in many different thicknesses.

Engineered Hirnholz

This massive floor is a variety of wooden causeway, except that the elements of hirnholz are glued on a net.


Ask for certificates products FSC® in our offer! We have certificate FSC number NC-COC-017098


Parkiety G.J.

Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością,
Spółka komandytowa

Gorzewo 4,
64-630 Ryczywół
Phone: (+48) 672 837 690
Fax: (+48) 672 838 293
Email: biuro@parkiety-janowiak.pl
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