RE Class

Representative floor used primarily in residential and representative rooms, such as theatres, museums, conference halls, etc. The sapwood of oak and black oak is permissible up to 5%. The blue stain of pine, spruce and larch is permissible up to 5%.

WE Class

Used mainly in workshop rooms, production halls, etc.

Tree species

  • Oak
  • Black oak
  • Pine
  • Larch
  • Spruce

The biggest advantage of wooden causeway is the possibility of making it in many different thicknesses. The causeway damage is much rarer than in the case of other wooden floors. It is a resistant floor characterized by a significantly higher Brinell hardness because the elements of wooden causeway are cut in the direction of growth (across the grain).

Wooden causeway must be laid only by a qualified contractor.. nlike the other wooden floors, the causeway works equally in all four directions. Laying it requires some experience and considerable expertise.